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Zombies is a special round added in ALPHA stage. The special round plays like elimination, except that the player has 4 lives, and if they lose all of their lives they become a zombie. Becoming a zombie changes the players character to walk slower than other players, but you're still able to play the game after. The difference between being a zombie than being alive is that at the boss minigame, the alive players have a weapon select to choose a gun and a melee weapon that they own to use during the minigame, and must survive 4 minutes of a zombie apocalypse.

Any players on the zombie team has to kill all of the survivors to win. The zombie players will spawn as special zombies and NPC zombies will be normal zombies. If there are no zombies when the minigame starts, survivors will only have to fight NPC normal zombies.

If everyone becomes a zombie during the game, the players who were zombies before the boss minigame started will win. If the survivors win the boss minigame, the entire team will win the game.

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  • Don't move far away from your team, as player zombies will easily kill you.
    • If you are in a situation where you are the last one standing/separated from your team, target regular (green colored) and speedy (red colored) player zombies. The rest you can outrun, and dodge. Do this until you regroup or the round ends.
  • Standing on high objects can serve as protection from NPC zombies.
  • Third person will help you when it comes to awareness, so try to get used to using it.
  • If you see a tank zombie (blueish-gray colored) climbing an object you are standing on, prepare to get off and run for it.
    • Trying to stay on the object with a tank zombie on it will be a long fight, and you will most likely lose a majority of your health, or just die.


  • If you are a tank zombie, try to attack the survivors camping on objects NPC zombies can not climb, and scare them to lower levels so NPC and player zombies can weaken them/finish them off.
    • Do NOT chase survivors directly. You will be unable to catch up. Either cut them off, or attack players on objects.
  • If you are a speedy zombie, try to surprise and attack when a player is focused on another target. Your low health is a problem when you are out in the open.

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