Message that is said after a streak is reached.

Explanation Edit

Streaks is a feature that show how long a player has been winning without losing once. Streaks add up by one everytime a player wins a minigame. The streak resets once the player loses a minigame, or if they miss a minigame. Every 5 minigames won, the streak level increases. The max streak level is RBLXWare God, streaks become endless past RBLXWare God. You earn a badge for every streak you reach.

Streak Levels Edit

Image Name Amount Colour Chat Message
N/A <5 White None
Winning Spree 5 Green "_ is on a winning spree!"
Unstoppable 10 Orange "_ is unstoppable!"
God-Like 15 Persimmon Red "_ is God-Like!"
RBLXWare God 20 Red "_ IS A RBLXWARE GOD!"
N/A RBLXWare God (Continued) 25+ Red "_ IS STILL A RBLXWARE GOD!"