Weapons are a big part of RBLXWare, as they're including in many minigames. They get used either in regular minigames, boss battle minigames or for the player who won at the end of a RBLXWare round. There are quite alot of weapons each with different stats and some having unique abilities, such as the Laser Gun being able to spawn bunnies.

Regular Weapons

Weapons listed here can be bought from the shop in-game using Store Points.

Special Weapons

Weapons that are listed in this list are weapons exclusive to certain RBLXWare events or are obtained through earning an achievement.



Minigame Weapons

Weapons that are listed here cannot be bought or owned from the shop, instead they are only usable during certain Minigames only.

Removed / Scrapped Weapons

Weapons that were in the game for some time, but then removed from the game. Scrapped weapon ideas belong in this list.