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Unused content that has been unused after Aug 10th needs to be added.

Explanation Edit

This is the page for Unused content from RBLXWare. Assets go unused when developers do not need them anymore or unable to find anything to put them in. Unused or removed minigames are not in this page.

Decals Edit

MenuIcon Edit


An unused icon with redmiint8 on it along with a text that says Menu. Judging by it's name and image, it is meant to be a icon for the menu button. This button was going to be used for a second version of the Bottom Bar, but was quickly scrapped.

The menu button in-game

White Sparkle Edit

White sparkles

This is obviously an unused particle. It is unknown why this particle is unused.

Unused Audio Edit

Audio removed due to the copyright system ROBLOX implemented on June 18 2018

Music shown below here were used in RBLXWare, but removed due to them being copyrighted.


Minigame 28

Was used for the Spire Climb minigame.



Was used for the Shark Scamper minigame.

Super Mario Kart Battle Mode

Super Mario Kart Battle Mode

Was used for the Juggernaut boss minigame.


Minigame 777

Was used for the Boogie Beam minigame.


Minigame 61

Was used for the Trash Pickup minigame.


Minigame 59

Was used for the Teevee Thrasher minigame.

Super Mario Bros 3 Athletic

SMB3 Athletic

Was used for the Pyramid Climb and Soccer Ball Survival minigame.

Super Mario Bros 2 Overworld Theme

Super Mario Bros 2 Overworld theme

Was used for the M16 Fight, Sword Fight and Custom Fight minigame.

Super Mario Bros 2 Underwater Theme

Minigame 39

Was used for the Sword Fight minigame.


Minigame 48

Was used for the Pizza Delivery minigame.

Warioware Inc.: Tag

Cuddly Tomatoes

Was used for the Cuddly Tomatoes minigame.

Warioware Inc.: Jump Forever


Was used for the Boulders (Boss), Cliff, Lasers, Magma Meltdown and Spinner Endurance minigame.

Mario Kart 8: Tick Tock Clock (DS)

Minigame 51

Was used for the Conveyor Catastrophe minigame.

Super Smash Bros. Melee: Dr Mario

Dr Mario's Theme

Was used for the Doctor Fuzzy minigame.

Mario Kart 64: Moo Moo Farm

Moo Moo Farm

Was used for the Car Chasers minigame.

Ghostbuster's Theme

Minigame 25

Was used for the RoBusters minigame.

Loopdeloop Galaxy

Loopdeloop Galaxy

Was used for the Ruse Rush and Balloon Shooter minigame.

Puzzle Plank Galaxy

Puzzle Plank Galaxy

Was used for the Frying Pans Fracas minigame.


Minigame 56

Was used for the Bomb Pass minigame.

Mario Party 7: Darkness Rising

Boss minigame thing xd

Was used for the boss version in the Bomb Pass minigame.



Was used for the Simon Says and Guess the Object minigame.

WarioWare Smooth Moves: Title

Minigame 7

Was used for the Targets minigame.

WarioWare Smooth Moves: Steady Now


Was used for The Obstacle Course minigame.

WarioWare Smooth Moves: Kat & Ana Minigames

Find Hole

Was used for the Simon Says, Guess the Object, and Find the Nearest Hole minigame.

WarioWare Smooth Moves: Serious Battle


Was used for the Frogger minigame.


Minigame 23

Was used for the Touch The Player minigame.


Minigame 42

Was used for the Press The Button minigame.

Audio from removed Minigames

Music shown below here were used in minigames, but the minigames had been removed.


Minigame 32

This music was used in the minigame Jump To The Top.

Super Mario All-Stars Music - SMB1 Bonus

SM A-S SMB1 Bonus

This music was used in the old version of the Bonus (Coins) minigame.