Explanation Edit

The Type the Word variant of this minigame was added in the early ALPHA stage. Type the Colour (or color) was made later in the ALPHA stage. The minigame starts with a 1/2 chance for whichever variant. If it selects Type the Word, then you'll have to type the word in chat in order to win the minigame. If it's type the colour, you have to type the colour of the text in chat. Not the colour it says. You have about 4 seconds to type the word. If you typed it right, you'll win the minigame.

Words Edit

  1. Tomato
  2. Dew
  3. Fuzzy
  4. Xstar

Colours Edit

  1. Red (Text says green, colour is red)
  2. Blue (Text says yellow, colour is blue)
  3. Yellow (Text says blue, colour is yellow)
  4. Green (Text says red, colour is green)

Removal ReasonEdit

Once console support was added, this minigame was removed due to the fact people on console cannot type. It was replaced with buttons and therefore become part of the Question minigame.

Facts Edit

  • The words were once changed to buh, buj, bap, and baj for Type The Word at one point.
    • It was later changed to the listed words in the wikia.
  • The current words for Type The Words are the first half of the developers for RBLXWare.