Explanation Edit

The map for the Get To The Top minigame variant was added in ALPHA stage. The minigame variant Get To The Bottom was also added later in ALPHA stage.

Get to the Top Edit

The minigame starts by teleporting the players to the bottom of a slope, and they have to get to the top in time, with the jumping ability disabled. Soccer balls will roll down from the top of the slope every 8 seconds as the players attempt to reach the top. If you touch one of the soccer balls, you'll die. Players that get to the top will win. The set of platforms are random, so the soccer balls won't go in a specific direction every time.

Get to the Bottom Edit

Everything is similar to Get to the Top, except that players start at the top instead of the bottom, and players are required to get to the bottom in order to win. Like Get to the Top, the platforms are randomized.

Help Edit

  • Stay behind the coloured barriers to dodge the balls.
  • Be aware of where you're standing. The balls can change direction when they hit the barrier or walls.
  • Do not immediately run out of the spawn area when Get To The Bottom starts, even if it's Higher Speed, or the soccer balls may kill you by landing on you.

Trivia Edit

  • The Soccer Balls are client-sided.
  • Jumping used to be allowed on this minigame but was later disabled in Version 0.1.7 because it made the minigame easy to beat.
  • The minigame's music used for the Get To The Top minigame variant used to be the Mario Bros 2 Overworld Theme, but was then later changed to the Mario Bros 3 Athletic Theme.
  • During Summer Events, the Soccer Balls are changed to Beach Balls.