Explanation Edit

Soccer (Multiple) is similar to the default version of the Soccer boss minigame, except that there are multiple balls, and the balls are smaller in size. The boss acts the exact same as the default version of Soccer, players are split evenly into two teams and play a game of soccer. Whichever team has the highest score at the end of the boss minigame wins. The only differences between the two variants of Soccer is that this minigame has 12 soccer balls instead of 1, and the balls are smaller when compared to the default version of Soccer.

Removal Reason Edit

Some new players were having a hard time trying to beat this minigame as they did not know the existence of the Shift Lock option or first person.

Help Edit

  • Having a goalie may be a good idea, as long as your team has enough support for scoring in the nets.
  • Don't go after the same ball that multiple people are attempting to take or you might miss chances on scoring more goals with the other balls.
  • Pushing a ball with your character's sides while using SHIFTLOCK/first person will not make you get on the ball while pushing, allowing you to push the ball with ease.

Trivia Edit

  • Balls that recently spawned on the middle cannot be pushed for a while until a few seconds has passed.
  • Sometimes a ball may score multiple goals if it bounces or move fast in the net before respawning.