Shark Scamper is a minigame added in ALPHA stage. The minigame starts by teleporting all of the players into the water of the beach map. One random player is selected as a Shark and is teleported a little behind the players. The objective of the humans are to get to shore, as the shark cannot get them there. Note that the Shark's speed is faster than the humans. The Shark's objective is to kill the humans. For the shark to win they need to kill players. The amount is based on the current player count in the server.

If the player count is 2, the shark needs to kill 1 person to win. If it is higher than 2, the Shark needs to kill 2 people to win.


  • It is possible to win as a human in the water, as long as the Shark didn't kill you.


  • The song is a remixed version of "Star Fox Corneria" from the WarioWare series.
    • The remix was made by ProductionTakeTwo.
  • In the past, the shark needed to kill 2 players regardless of current player count in the server to win.