Rocket Jump is a minigame added in BETA stage. The objective of the minigame is to rocket jump high enough so that the bombs that spawn in the lobby don't kill you.

Old Version

This version of Rocket Jump had players to reach a red area above the lobby in a short time. Players win if they touch the red area above the lobby before time runs out. It was changed due to players not having enough force to reach the top.

Current Version

When the minigame starts, you will be given a Rocket Launcher and bombs will spawn all over the map. To win, you must rocket jump before the bombs explode. If you do this, you will win. If you don't, the bombs will blow up and kill you, making you lose the minigame.


  • To Rocket Jump, aim at the floor and the back of your character, then shoot a rocket. Jumping as the explosion hits your character may allow you to go up higher and faster, but requires practice.
    • Shooting a rocket while you are already in air causes you unable to go up high and may fail the minigame.


  • The song is "Tiny Wario's Microgames" from the WarioWare Series.
  • It was not planned for the Rocket Jump minigame to be included in RBLXWare. Players have suggested for this minigame in the early ALPHA days however.