Explanation Edit

Roblox Death Sound was a cosmetic special round that was added in a fairly early stage in ALPHA. The special round did not affect the gameplay of the round , but changed all of the player's sounds to the ROBLOX death sound.

Removal Reason Edit

This special round was removed because it was later combined with Meme Mode. This special round was combined with Meme Mode because the Roblox death sound was a meme at the time, and was combined to take up less space for special rounds.

Trivia Edit

  • When random special rounds were first added, this special round could be seen in the random special round window but it couldn't be selected by the game because the code for the special round does not exist yet.
    • This situation also happened when the Roblox Death Sound special round was removed, it was fixed quickly.
  • When players die, a quite loud and distorted ROBLOX death sound would play.
  • If PVZGamer5770 died during this mode, the ROBLOX Death Sound will not play but another sound will be played instead.