Explanation Edit

Pizza Delivery is a minigame added in ALPHA stage. In this minigame, players are teleported to a place with four houses and they must deliver the pizza to the specified house. Upon delivering the pizza to the correct house, the player will win.


  • There are four houses and it will say what number to deliver to.
    • The numbers go from left to right so you can easily figure out which house it is.

Trivia Edit

  • The music for this minigame is a remix of "We Like Pizza", by Pizza Kids.
  • The image on the pizza that's being delivered is actually Pizza Steve from the Uncle Grandpa show. Pizza
  • Although there is no glass on one side of the 4th house's window, you can't enter the house through the window.
  • In the first house, you can see Toad from Super Mario Brothers saying: "what are these pizza boys doing on my lawn"
  • In the second house, you can see DewTie with stacks of Mountain Dews.