Explanation Edit

PVZGamer5770 is a special event boss that was added in the RBLXWare Summer Update 2017.

The boss would be selected like a normal boss minigame. The boss starts by teleporting all of the players to the map and equip players with a Flaming Beachball and then the boss will spawn in the map. The round would end once everyone is dead or when the boss is dead. After the boss, gifts spawn on the main platform and players are given around 40 seconds to open them.

PVZGamer5770's Health Edit

  •  ??? (Depends On Player Count)

Attacks Edit

  • Beach Balls Rain - Beach balls fall from the sky and damage players if touched.
  • Laser Beams - Two laser beams spawn at each edge of the platform and will move through the platform until they reach the other side.
  • Biggerhead Laser Eyes - PVZGamer5770's head attacks by using laser eyes to attack players on the platform.
  • Bombs - Bombs spawn around the sides of the platform spawn, forcing players to go in the middle. Detonates after about 3 seconds.
  • Biggerhead UFO - A part of the Biggerhead appears with a beam moves by the platform, damages you if you touch the beam.
  • Get on a Platform - A red platform from the lobby spawns in the middle of the map and acid starts rising. The acid can drastically damage players if one does not immediately get out of the acid.

Help Edit

  • Staying around the middle may help, as it's the easiest place to prepare for an attack.
  • When the Get on a Platform attack is used, jump immediately to avoid damage taken by standing still on the platform.

Trivia Edit

  • This was the first boss minigame to be a boss battle.
  • This is the first boss minigame to have no time limit.
  • The main platform used to be more detailed, but was quickly changed due to errors.
  • The boss decided was PVZGamer5770 because it was late at night and redmiint8 had no ideas.
  • The boss used to not have animations.
  • Biggerhead is an limited equippable cosmetic for ROBLOX. The [1] can be still inspected on the website.

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