Minigames are the main aspect of the game. The Minigame orders you with a task, sometimes trying to trick you.

If the player completes the task, they will receive a point. Boss Minigames are played at the end of the round, and are worth 5 points total. If the player wins consecutive Minigames, they get a winning streak. The player with the most points wins the game, and is able to kill everyone in the end with their own weapon.

Regular Minigames

These are the regular 17 minigames that are played before the boss minigame. 5 normal minigames, 4 fast, 4 very fast, and 4 max fast minigames are played. You will be awarded 1 point and 10 store credits if you beat them.

1 point is given when you win them, and 5 store points is given when you win them.

Boss Minigames

Played at the final round to a game. They are usually longer than regular minigames, and you will be awarded 5 points and 10 store credits when you win.

Deathmatch Minigames

Minigames that are played whenever multiple players tie at the end of a round. After the deathmatch minigame, whoever has the highest points wins. If any players are tied, a random winner is chosen. You will be awarded 1 point and 10 store credits when you win.

Event Minigames

Minigames or Boss Minigames that were added for an event. These are disabled once the event ends.

Special Rounds

The cool things that add something to the round. There are two types of special rounds. One type is a regular one, which adds one thing to the round.

The other type of special round is a stacked special round. This adds two special round effects to the game. Only cosmetic ones and rounds that don't drastically change the round are included.

Mixed rounds are a type of special round that will change the special round each speed up. There's 5 special rounds to choose from, and it'll choose one in the intermission, then switch the special round after a speed up.

Sometimes, special rounds are hidden meaning that the game does not let you know what this special round is. All special rounds are included in this rotation.

Regular Stacked Mixed Stacked and Mixed


All of the scrapped minigame ideas along with scrapped special round ideas that never made it goes here. Removed minigames and special rounds can be found here.

Regular Boss Special Deathmatch