Juggernaut is a boss minigame that was added in the ALPHA stage. The minigame is similar to Car Chasers, except for the fact that there is no vehicle and driver. One random player is selected in the server to be the Juggernaut, and is spawned at the middle of the map with 3000 health and a Pistol. The rest of the players are spawned on either one one of the two towers and have a weapon select to choose what weapon that they own to use during the minigame. The juggernaut is given 5 seconds to prepare, and then must kill all the shooters within the time limit. The goal of the shooters is to kill the juggernaut. If the juggernaut dies, the shooters win. If all shooters die or the time runs out, the juggernaut wins. The minigame lasts for about 3 minutes.



  • Use trees and objects to your advantage. This can throw off the juggernaut.
  • Your gun has unlimited range. Don't stay near the juggernaut so you're not a target.


  • Don't stand in the open as you will lose health faster.
  • Use the hills to take cover.


  • The song is a remix of "The Battle/SNES Battle Course" from the Mario Kart Series.