Gioca Jouer is a minigame added in ALPHA stage. In this minigame, players must do actions the minigame tells the player to do.

This minigame starts with about 4 seconds of nothing before numbers from 1-8 appear in the screen in an ascending order. After numbers 1-8 are finished counting, the minigame has about 13 seconds of nothing before an action is requested to be done by the player.

To win in this boss minigame, players must stay alive till the end of this boss minigame by performing the action they are told by the boss minigame. If a player fails to do the correct action, 25 health will be taken away from the player, meaning that players only have 3 chances to make a mistake.


  • Stay near other players as you may be told to touch nearby players.
  • Do not constantly move as there is an action that tells you to not move.


This is the list of actions a player may be told to do:


  • This boss minigame reuses the map used by Airborne Animosity's regular minigame variant for it's "Don't hit an object!" action.
  • The boss minigame was readded in 0.8.3.