Explanation Edit

Frogger is a boss/deathmatch minigame added in ALPHA stage. The boss morphs the players into giant heads and are teleported to a obstacle course. If you reach the end, you win. There are no checkpoints on the map, so if you die it's game over. Once you reach the end, you're teleported to the beach.

Deathmatch Version Edit

In the deathmatch version of this, the two participants in the deathmatch are put into the game in a race to see who can get to the end first. First one to the end wins the game. If nobody reaches the end, they both lose and a random player in the tie will win.

Help Edit

  • Wait for the police cars to pass by first, as they are faster than the normal cars.
  • You can slide right by the Wood Block by the Jimmy Neutron passing by moving on the wall.

Trivia Edit

  • The song is a remix of "Serious Battle" from the WarioWare series.
  • There used to be a non-kill script at the last wood water, which meant you can go in the water without dying. That has since been patched.
  • The Frogger map used to be MUCH smaller, it had later got a expansion and is one of the biggest maps in minigames.
  • This minigame is based off of the boss in TF2Ware.