Falling Platforms was a boss added in ALPHA stage. The boss features 9 platforms where every couple of seconds pass, one platform is chosen to fall. When a platform is chosen there will be glass blocks surrounding all the platforms in the field, blocking access to other platforms. The minigame ends once there is one platform left in the field.


In the old version of this minigame, players would spawn on the middle platform, and every 4 seconds a platform would fall. The thing is that the map looked messy and the platforms weren't chosen at random. They would fall in the same pattern each time. There was also no warning when a platform would fall. The boss also ended when 2 platforms were left.


In the new version the map is more neat and cleaner, the platforms chosen are random, and it's better in general. Each couple of seconds, a barrier would appear to prevent players who are in a platform getting out. Once a platform falls, the barrier is removed and the process repeats until one platform is left.


  • It isn't recommended to always get on a platform most players are on, they may unknowningly get on the wrong platform.
  • Be careful to not walk off the platform and die.
  • The metal that holds the platforms has NoCollide (or not solid), so you can fall through them if trying to step on them.


  • This was the first boss minigame added to RBLXWare.