Explanation Edit

Elimination is a special round added in ALPHA stage. In this special round, there are two teams: Alive and Dead. You have 4 lives. Each time you lose a minigame, 1 life is taken away. Once you reach 0 lives, your character turns into a ghost and is placed on the Dead team. When the round starts, players that are not in the menu are placed on to the Alive team. This special round lasts until either everyone is dead or until a boss round. Going to the menu during this special round will place you on the Dead team.

Help Edit

  • Prevent yourself from resetting, as most minigames make you lose when you die.
  • Avoid getting in combat with weapons as you have a high chance of losing a life.
  • In fighting minigames involving guns, shoot down enemies quickly and hope you do not get shot to death.

Trivia Edit

  • The amount of lives players originally had was 10. This was changed because it made the special round too easy.
  • People in the Dead team can still play minigames but they can't win them.



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