Explanation Edit

Don't Move is a minigame added in ALPHA stage. The player is given a few seconds to stop moving. If they continue moving or move after 2 seconds, they will die.

It has been removed 3 times in total, 2 times being re-added to the real game and once only in the test server. It was eventually added and working the 4th time.

Removal Reason (Old Versions) Edit

Version 1 Edit

Version 1 was removed because players would often die because movement was detected inaccurately. This version took a while to be removed.

Version 2 Edit

Version 2 was removed because of the same reason as version 1. It was improved a little bit, but was still not working correctly.

Version 3 Edit

Version 3 was removed because only one player would be killed if they moved. The rest would be fine even if they moved. Version 4 fixed this.


  • Once the text says Don't Move!, stop immediately and wait.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only minigame so far to be removed 3 times, but then to be re-added.