Conveyor Maze is a minigame added in BETA stage. Using a set of conveyors, which are indicating which way they go, you must work your way to the point where it is highlighted in red in order to win the minigame. If you fall off the conveyor, you can get back using a truss at one of the corners.


  • There are arrows on the conveyor that show which way it travels. Pay attention to them.
  • Try following or watching other players.
  • Memorize the four patterns as much as you can, a dead giveaway to which pattern you are working with is observing where the red block is placed.


  • The path for getting to the point is not fixed, it is random.
    • As of 7/12/2018, there are now 4 variations to the paths.
  • In the old version of the map, the paths were not random .