Catch The Player is a minigame added in ALPHA stage. This minigame randomly chooses one player as the to be catched player. The player who needs to be catched will walk slightly faster and have a headstart by starting at the middle of the map. To win as a catcher, catch the player required to be catched. To win as a player to be catched, you get to the bottom of the map while avoiding being caught by others.



  • Immediately run as the minigame starts.

To be catched

  • Ensure you are walking in a direction away from the catchers.
  • Never stop running, not even stopping for a moment.

Removal Reason

This minigame was removed because the player who is needed to be catched will win almost all the time unless the player stops moving for 2.5 - 3 seconds. Giving the player needed to be catched an advantage over other players in the server.