Explanation Edit

The Baboon Wall minigame was added in the early Alpha version. The boss starts with players spawning at the beginning, and a giant wall chasing them. If the giant wall touches a player, the player will be killed. The boss lasts for only about 30 seconds and to win this minigame, you just have to reach the end without dying.

Removal Reason Edit

This boss was removed due to it being too tedious, unfair and too easy. In this minigame, all a player was requiring to do is walk along the path which only requires the player to walk left, forward and right. It also heavily punishes players that slow down for a moment as the wall will eventually catch up to them.

Help Edit

  • Ensure that you aren't going the wrong way or the moving Baboon Wall will kill you.
  • Don't get a late start, or the wall will eventually catch up to you.
  • Never stop moving, or the wall will catch up.