Explanation Edit

The map for the Stay Alive and Pan Arena minigame was added in ALPHA stage. The map variant for Pan Arena was added in BETA stage.

Pan Arena Edit

This minigame is very short, which starts by teleporting all players into a random position of the map with Frying Pans. To win the minigame, you must survive. Getting knocked into the spikes will make you lose.

Stay Alive Edit

This minigame is a fairly long minigame, all players are given a Tennis Racket and are instructed to fight in a small arena. To win the minigame, players must survive.

Deathmatch Version Edit

The deathmatch version puts the two players in a small version of the original Stay Alive and Pan Arena map with a choice of weapons that they can choose to fight their opponent with. The player last standing wins.


  • Try to stay far away from other players.
    • Try also not to walk into the walls as they will kill you.

Trivia Edit

  • The map for the original arena map used to be smaller before Stay Alive was added.
  • Since Version 0.9.4, the old map for the deathmatch minigame was removed and replaced with the original Stay Alive and Pan Arena map instead.
  • The weapon choices that are possible to choose in the deathmatch are: Regular Sword, Headtaker, Candy Cane, Christmas Sword, and Whip.