Explanation Edit

Airborne Animosity is a normal/boss minigame added in ALPHA stage. The minigame starts by teleporting all of the players to the top of the course, and the players have to get to the bottom without touching any floating objects. If they touch an object, they will die. At the end, anyone who got to the end alive wins.

There is a variant of Airborne Animosity where you must dive through 4 rings in roughly the same time. You lose if you make the bottom and didn't pass through 4 rings.

Boss Version Edit

The boss version of this minigame features a longer course. The objective is the same, except that players are required to skydive to the bottom twice through a long course. You have 90 seconds to do so. The boss version of this minigame was added in ALPHA stage.

Help Edit

  • You can still touch the big black cylinder. Don't worry if you hit or graze it.
    • However if you are playing on mobile or console, be sure to avoid hitting the sides of the cylinder at all costs as it will disable your lowgrav and the falling animation.
  • While not near a wall and your camera is pointed below, hold W to gain more speed.

Trivia Edit

  • This minigame was suggested by GeForce03 and was based off of GeForce03 and Zerio920's old game: Bullseye!
  • Players cannot taunt during this minigame. When players could, they will both perform the skydiving animation along with the taunt animation.
    • It could have possibly been removed because it looked weird and silly.
  • After Version 0.7.9, the obstacles were randomly selected.